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‘Start your Whisky Cask collection with a verified UK-based WOWGR-registered company.’

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Whisky for everyone

‘Buying a whisky cask will always be a good investment if you buy one at the right price. We are proud to be offering the best-priced casks available on the market today.’

Whisky for everyone

‘Buying a whisky cask will always be a good investment if you buy one at the right price. We are proud to be offering the best-priced casks available on the market today.’

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We have a large collection of Whisky Casks available from £2000

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We accept bank wire transfers to our HSBC bank or via a card payment using Stripe invoicing

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We send you official ownership documents - we can also store and insure your Whisky Cask if required.

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Benefits of Investing with Fah Mai Holdings

Tangible Assets

Whisky and casks offer a tangible and finite investment opportunity. Unlike stocks or bonds, you can physically own and control your assets, providing security and authenticity. Comparing the average bottle price and the average price of bottles valued over £1,000 with other common investment markets, we see that rare whisky has been among the strongest-performing investments over the last eight years. This is because the FMH team constantly monitors bottle collection, acquisition and release at the best possible time to maximise the total fund value. 

Growing Demand

The global demand for premium whisky is on the rise. As whisky enthusiasts and collectors expand, the need for access to the rarest collectable whiskies will increase. Though, we offer you the opportunity to purchase priority, rare bottles direct from our collection, which should be earmarked for sale. 

Timeless Investment

Whisky has long been cherished for its rich heritage, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. As an investment, whisky holds its value exceptionally well, making it an attractive option for those seeking stable, long-term returns. You can expect a high return rate from a market that averages 25% growth PA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Storage and insurance fee GBP50 per year.

Yes, you can request samples anytime you like. You will have to pay depending on the size of the sample. For example, a 100ml duty paid sample will cost roughly GBP35 including shipping. You can order larger samples if you so wish.

Yes. There would be costs involved in bottling, depending on which bottles, corks + stoppers, labels and not to forget UK Duty and VAT payable. You could roughly estimate this would cost around GBP 5,000.00 for a standard bottling for a cask purchased at under GBP5,000.00. The VAT is calculated as 20% of your purchase price of the cask. So if you buy one of our Bourbon Barrels for GBP1,700.00 at the time you bottle the VAT will work out to be around GBP340.00. These figures are subject to change depending on how many years you have aged your cask etc.

At the current rate UK Duty is GBP28.27 per litre of pure alcohol. Meaning duty paid on a 700ml bottle of whisky at 40% ABV would be about GBP8.35

20-30% per annum

The most crucial element to investing in a cask is buying it at the right price for the time you are willing to wait. You cannot make money out of something you pay too much for in the first place.

For example, if you buy a first fill cask of whisky at GBP5,000.00, which is the average I have seen on the market, you would be waiting a minimum of 5 years before you were able to sell it at a profit.

Then there is time. If you are willing to hold this cask for 20 years, this may still be a profitable experience, depending on the brand and cask type and whether the cask will make it to that age.

Cask type plays an essential role in the maturation of your whisky. If you plan to keep your cask for 18 years or more, start the ageing process in a refill cask, which means it has previously been filled with whisky, maybe once, twice or even three times in some cases.

Once your cask is a few years from your target maturation, put it into a sherry, bourbon or wine cask to finish it. If, on the other hand, you want something to drink in 8-12 years, then using a first-fill sherry, bourbon, or wine cask would be suitable; it will add colour and flavour to your spirit.

We believe the longer you wait, the better your whisky will get. The contact with carbon via the charred interior of the cask will draw out impurities in the spirit and make it a more pleasant experience.

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Join a growing community of successful investors with Platinum Cask, unlock the exciting world of cask whisky ownership, and embark on a rewarding investment journey. Traditionally limited to the super wealthy or industry insiders, Platinum Cask has been democratising cask whisky investment since 2017. We operate what we aspire to be the world’s most extensive collection of rare and collectible single-malt Scotch whisky.
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